About Us


GLOBAL CORP. was established in 1996 and established in Miami, Florida, starting with a group of highly qualified Brazilians specializing in identifying the best logistics solution for cargo transportation in the USA.


WORLDLOG was created in Brazil to become the most specialized Cargo Agent dedicated to Trade Lane (Brazil x USA), with the main commitment to provide its customers with the highest level of service and satisfaction through the vast experience and knowledge of your team.


GLOBAL CORP. / WorldLog Group has grown and joined "COOP" (the world's best and most reliable Cargo Agents network) with more than 279 offices and presence in more than 124 countries. From this moment the group acquired global reach and international respect, being qualified to attend multinational and giants of the national market.


The GWL - Global World Lines brand was born, bringing to the market a new concept of Cargo Management through the "CSA - Customer Service Abroad" program, as well as the implementation of the Customs Clearance service, giving rise to a new "PRIME DIVISION" with a focus on Logistic Solutions "Door-toDoor" and Control Tower implementation.

"Global World Lines" is a company with a history of more than 20 years of tradition in the freight market with worldwide capillarity and operations coverage in more than 124 countries. GWL focuses on personalized service, identification of needs and implementation of continuous improvements in the flow of its clients' international logistics processes. "

GWL offers the full range of International Logistics services, ranging from Freight Forwarding to Customs Clearance, Warehousing and Distribution , such services can be offered individually or in their entirety through Door-to-Door / Control Tower service, which relies on management at all stages of the processes, providing the highest level of excellence in foreign trade operations, called the "PRIME SERVICES" division;

GWL offers to the market a new concept in cargo management called "CSA - Customer Service Abroad", this program is executed through a team of "KAMs - Key Account Managers" composed of approximately 40 Brazilians who work abroad for Shipment Coordination with the Exporters, providing direct and transparent communication with the Importers and resulting in greater agility in Foreign Trade operations. Another great advantage in the CSA program is the ability to pre-approve documents (Invoices / Packs Lists / BLs / AWBs) by the KAMs after the Babysitting - Trial Customer Service Brazil process, providing automation of shipment flow and resulting in time and agility gains and operational agility in the processes.

Another major tool offered by GWL is the KPIs analysis for implementation of continuous improvements in the CIOP (Continuous Improvement Operating Procedures) and the Customs Clearance Intelligence (CCIC) that is offered through a team of Highly qualified brokers, capable of identifying new tax classification of goods (NCMs) and acting on the reviews of the product descriptions in the Master List, in order to seek internal alternatives for reductions in tax and logistics costs outside day-to-day operations of its customers.

GWL's operations are 100% designed by a highly qualified Senior Team, which acts first to identify all the details of its customers' current operational practices for implementation from a custom service scope, right after the second phase process starts for troubleshooting , followed by third phase with implementation of continuous improvements in order to guarantee a high level of service delivery, increasing competitiveness and bringing to its customers a new concept for the follow-up of Operational Procedures.

All this work has been driving GWL to a rapid growth, exceeding expectations and providing its customers with a high level of satisfaction and trust in the services provided.